About Us

Marchelle Chiffon is an African American young woman who started her business in the year 2020. Marchelle began her brand because she loves making products that work for herself & others. Her uniqueness shows in everything she makes. All her products benefit the skin. Her skin care products are blended with the finest ingredients to keep your skin looking and feeling lovely. This is why she decided to share her remarkable products with the world.
Our top-selling Cocoa Shea butter keeps the skin so smooth. We have bonnets that stay on all night & keep hair from having dead ends. When Marchelle was eighteen, she experienced a highway fly-over car accident and was one of three survivors. The accident took the life of her two dearest friends. This incident gave her a new perspective on life. It helped her become who she is today.


Marchelle is a loving, honest, precious, caring young woman. Through prayer, self-motivation, love, hard work, and discipline she will continue to make your heart smile with every product.